The actions of the cluster are framed within the FACYL Strategic Plan 2017-2020 that is deployed in 5 axes and 18 programs:

In accordance with this Strategic Plan FACYL plans to organize technical meetings, workshops, training activities, workshops to present good practices, missions and technological surveillance actions with the aim of improving the competitive position of cluster companies in a global context.

These actions will be focused on supporting partners in the identification of needs and search for the best solution in these fields:

  • The design of a new process or in the reconfiguration of production lines
  • The efficient and safe use of technical and human resources available in the company
  • The rationalization in the use, consumption and destination of raw materials, energy and by-products
  • The design and development of more competitive, recyclable and intelligent products, using lighter and more efficient materials, more functional and more intelligent
  • The anticipation, search and adaptation of the professional profiles demanded by the sector
  • The optimal management of knowledge of companies and human resources in organizations
  • The evolution of the organizational models of companies towards more flexible and efficient management structures
  • Identification of new business opportunities for FACYL partners

There are three specific programs in FACYL’s Strategic Plan, which have a horizontal nature and whose subject matter is related to Digitization and Industry 4.0. From these programs, companies will be supported in the knowledge, application and implementation of those technologies related to artificial intelligence applicable to process and / or product.

The axes and programs foreseen in this Strategic Plan are aligned with the Regional, National and European Strategies on R&D