Every partner of the cluster can actively participate at an operational level, mainly through the FACYL Working Groups that the cluster has put into operation, to:

  • address issues of interest to the sector in certain technical, technological, legal and regulatory aspects
  • facilitate the exchange of good practices amongst the partner companies of the AEI FACYL.

Experts participate in the specific Working Group meetings. These experts can belong to member companies of FACYL, to the Administration or to other companies or institutions specialized in the subject in question.

This scheme of company participation works as an agile and effective coordination instrument that allows:

  • The active participation of companies in the activities that FACYL designs to provide services to its members
  • The exchange of information and experiences among cluster partners
  • The interaction of the FACYL companies with the expert collaborators that technically support the cluster

The following Working Groups are currently active:

• Innovation Working Group
• Knowledge Management Working Group
• Human Capital Working Group
• Lean Manufacturing Working Group
• Production Working Group
• Logistics Working Group
• TPM Working Group
• Process Quality Working Group
• Security Working Group
• Project Management Working Group
• Energy and Environment Working Group
• Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group
• Administrative Management Working Group